Fan Thinks He Found Something That Reveals The New Name Of The Washington Redskins

Last week, the Washington Redskins finally opted to retire the ‘Redskins’ knickname after years of debate over its racial undertone.

With the announcement, the debate of what exactly the new name would be have been rampant, with twists and turns including a man buying and squatting all the possible replacement names he could think of.

Though Red Tail and Red Wolves have been the apparent front runners, something one fan found points in a new direction for the new name.

A Reddit user did some investigating and uncovered that the same company that registers and maintains “”, of course directly affiliated with the Washington football franchise, also registered a new domain last week.


The name? “”

A ‘sentinel’ refers to a soldier or guard whose job is to stand and keep watch, which would definitely relate to the theme and imagery of Washington D.C.

Of course teams and companies regularly buy up names they’re considering in order to protect themselves from squatters like the man who purchased all of the team’s other considerations, but Sentinels could be gracing the jerseys in Washington this season and for the foreseeable future.