Alex Smith Cleared By Doctors For Full Football Activity & Contact After Devastating Injury

Modern medicine is an amazing thing.

Less than two years and a whopping 17 surgeries later from an injury that almost cost him his life, Alex Smith has been cleared by doctors for full football activity.

The Washington QB infamously suffered a devastating tibia and fibula fracture that would go down as one of the most gruesome injuries in NFL history, and suffered a ravaging infection post-operation that left most of his leg needing to be removed.

Smith was featured in an ESPN E:60 that gave fans insight into just how bad the injury was, but also the work he was putting in and the determination to make it back to the field one day.


According to ESPN, Smith and his family spent the past few months in Hawaii, where he containing to train and prepare for the coming season, building the relocated and repairs muscles in his leg back to strength.

“To hear them say that, from a life standpoint, they wouldn’t restrict me from doing anything — I could go skiing or snowboarding tomorrow if I wanted — then on top of that, to get the green light that I could practice, get contact, that I had healed up, that much was pretty wild to hear, Smith said after being given the good news by doctors.

“I didn’t know if I would ever hear those words.”

“For me, all eyes are on practice,” Smith added. “That’s the next step. I have to go prove to myself and certainly to everybody else that I can go practice.”

It’s unlikely Smith will see time for Washington this season, but to have him on the sideline once again will be a sight to behold.