Angry ‘Madden 21’ Gamers Demand NFL Drop EA Sports Because Of Bad The Game Is

For years, EA Sports has been able to get by while facing criticism of its annual football video game much in large part because despite how bad the game has been, people still purchase it.

But Madden 21 has been the breaking point with many gamers, who are fed up. The game has the worst Metacritic score of all time at a 0.4/10 and now gamers are creating anti-EA hashtags to share clips of how truly bad the latest Madde video game is:

EA has exclusive rights to NFL simulation games which means there is no competition. It has faced accusations of becoming lazy, because of its ability to not face any competition and Madden NFL 21 has been so bad that people are not even bothering purchasing the game.

Will this lead to the NFL reconsider it’s agreement with EA Sports?