Beat Reporter Manish Mehta Was Banned From Jets Facility After Reportedly ‘Stalking’ GM Joe Douglas’ Son

Earlier this year, New York Daily News reporter Manish Mehta — who covered the New York Jets — was reportedly banned from the team’s facility and had his credentials revoked.

Many thought this was because the Jets were being petty because of Mehta’s harsh criticism of the team’s current state but evidently it was for something way worse.

On WFAN’s “Carton and Roberts”Wednesday afternoon, co-host Craig Carton shared some insight into why the NYDN reporter was banned.

According to Carton, Mehta was banned after he reportedly was stalking Jets general manager’s Joe Douglas son.

The story was confirmed by former journalist Erika Esola-Imburgio, who added another twist to this bizarre story. Apparently, the New York Daily News hired another reporter — Charles McDonald — to ghost write on behalf of Manish after he was banned:

In addition to stalking the general manager’s son, Mehta also reportedly followed Jets CEO Christopher Johnson into an elevator for an interview during the NFL Scouting Combine after being reportedly told no by Johnson. It also included a tidbit of Mehta telling Douglas at the Senior Bowl he would give him preferential treatment if he agreed to be his source:

This stalking story came to light after these tweets were shared by Charles McDonald, who wrote for the Daily news and announced on Twitter he was leaving the company.

McDonald attended the Jets practices and games following Mehta being banned and share screenshots of emails from Mehta directing him to ask these questions in the press conference and how he was essentially worked as a stand-in for Mehta to continue to report on the team:

Meanwhile, the New York Jets are currently 0-10 and are counting down the days when this disaster season ends.