Jets Fire Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams After Horrid End To Sunday’s Game

The New York Jets were on their way to their first win of the season and a pass on the embarrassment from a 0-16 2020 campaign, until Gregg Williams happened.

With the Raiders down with under a minute and needing a miracle, the Jets made that miracle look way to easy when they drew up the worst possible prevent defense, allowing Carr to fire a deep ball for a touchdown.

The defense Williams called included sending numerous pass rushers while also having a spy for Dereck Carr, while leaving Raiders receivers in single coverage. The call was so bad, that no team has rushed 8+ in the final 30 seconds of a game this season, and no team had rushed more than 6 men in that same situation since 2006.

The move got Williams fired, which was announced by ESPN’s Adam Schefter Monday morning.