Social Media Jokes That Streaker During Premier League Soccer Game Was Colin Kaepernick

Streaking is apparently still going strong.

During this week’s Granada-Manchester Untied Premier League game, a man made his way into Nazaries’ stadium a whopping 14 hours before the opening whistle and hid under the canvas tarps covering the seats to evade security.

β€œThe man made it into the stadium at 7 A.M. after getting through the security perimeter located between the stadium and the Palacio de Deportes building, where it is clear he spent the next 14 hours hidden under the canvas in order to not be seen until he decided to make his move.”

During the 10th minute, the nude man ran onto the pitch, where he was captured by police.


Social media had some fun with the image of the streaker that went viral postgame, noting the man’s resemblance to former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick, of course a more disheveled version.