Eagles Superfan ‘EDP445’ Caught Trying To Meet A 13-Year-Old For Sex

Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland, better known for his username ‘EDP445’, has gained notoriety and fame on the internet over the past few years for his sometimes hilarious, most of the time, vulgar and enraged rants regarding his beloved Philadelphia Eagles.

Now, EDP445 is being shared across the web for a different reason.

Moreland, 30, was caught in a scheme to solicit a minor for sex by independent sexual predator hunters who go by predatorpoachersv6.

The so called ‘predator poachers’ posed as multiple underage girls to whom Moreland conversed with, even going as as far to meet up with.

Instead of the minor being at the meet up site, the poachers were there and filmed their interaction with EDP.

Here are snippets of the interactions between Moreland and who he thought was a 13-year old:

The incident follows multiple allegations of Moreland trying to solicit sex from a minor in the past.