Rookie Quinn Meiznerz’s Belly Stole The Show At Broncos Minicamp

You likely first heard about Quinn Meiznerz when he stole the show at the Senior Bowl this season, bossing around top-tier D1 studs despite being a D3 prospect who was on nobody’s radar.

Quinn is now a fan favorite after video of him training in the forest went viral during the draft. Now, after being selected by the Broncos, Meiznerz is the hot topic at Denver’s rookie minicamp, and the belly is behind it.

The 320 offensive lineman was showing off his money maker during Broncos practice this weekend, and boy did he let that belly breathe.

“The main purpose behind that is when I start getting a little hot and I’m starting to breathe really heavy, I have to roll up the jersey,” the offensive lineman said. “As you can tell, the jerseys fit a little snug, but it just naturally happens.”