Deandre Hopkins Contemplating Retirement After NFL Announces New COVID-19 Rules

The NFL is doing it’s best to ensure the league gets through a full preseason, 17-game season and ensuing postseason, and that’s come down to attempting to have the overwhelmingly majority of players vaccinated.

Some aren’t taking too kindly to that sentiment.

Cardinals top pass-catcher and arguably the NFL’s best WR Deandre Hopkins posted this tweet Thursday afternoon hinting at a possible retirement on the back of the league’s new rules imposing a penalty of a forfeit if an unvaccinated player causes an outbreak that forced a game to be cancelled.

Hopkins tweeted two other times with his thoughts, stating that friends came down with heart problems following their vaccinations.

The latest figures show only 14 of the league’s 32 teams with the targeted 85% vaccination rate, a number that the league hopes will increase due to the threat of forfeits without pay coming this season.