NFL Fines Chandler Jones $10,300 For Paying Tribute To Cardinals Legend Who Just Passed Away

Ladies & gentlemen, example number 18123569 of why the NFL actually stands for No Fun League.

Chandler Jones has been on a year this season. The NFL’s sack leader sacked Jimmy Garroppolo in Sunday’s game against the 49ers to rack up his 67th sack with the franchise, passing Arizona legend Freddie Joe Nunn, who passed away on Oct. 16. Nunn’s record stood for 28 years, and Jones decided to pay tribute to the former Cardinal by flashing a Rest In Peace shirt after breaking his record.

Well, the NFL apparently won’t make any exceptions for this incredibly strict uniforms policies, fining Jones $10,300 for the display.

“Only logos or brand names from the league’s official partners can be displayed. Players may wear other brands, as long as they remove or cover the name or logo.”


Cowboys WR CeeDee Lamb has been fined nearly $50,000 for uniform violations just this season, and we’re only halfway through.