REPORT: Bears Players Are “Fed Up” With Matt Nagy And “Want Him Gone”

The Chicago Bears have never fired a head coach in the middle of a season in their 101-year history but it’s becoming increasingly likely that tradition will come to an end with Matt Nagy.

For the second straight season, Chicago has lost five straight games, and not only are fans fed up and have begun chanting “Fire Matt Nagy” but Bears players are beginning to voice their frustration as the losses continue to mount.

According to NFL insider Jordan Schultz, there are “an overwhelming number” of Bears players who want Nagy fired.

At this point, it would take something unforeseen like the Bears going on a magical run and making the playoffs for Nagy not to get fired at the end of the season but the only question that remains is.. will the Bears do what they haven’t done ever and fire a coach mid-season?

A loss on Thanksgiving to the winless Detroit Lions might be the breaking point.