NFL Insider Says New York Giants Prepared To Make Blockbuster Trade For Russell Wilson

The Seattle Seahawks find themselves in a predicament that they haven’t been in over a decade, and it may be the tipping point that forces Russell Wilson out.

The Hawks dropped to 3-7 after a loss to the division foe Arizona Cardinals Sunday, who played without Kyler Murray or DeAndre Hopkins, and this comes after a game where Wilson and the Seahawks offense was shut out for the first time since Wilson was drafted, and many feel as if it’s the beginning of the end for the Russell Wilson era in Seattle.

There are only a few teams in the NFL that wouldn’t welcome the former Super Bowl champ with open arms, but there’s one that finds themselves in a similar spot, who have perhaps the most to offer for Wilson, and reportedly have aspirations to use it.

Per Johnathan Jones of CBS Sports, the G-Men could offer up arguably the best trade package available.

“The Giants have arguably the best trade package available. Following Week 11, the Giants stood to have the fifth overall pick in April’s draft plus the No. 7 pick by virtue of the Chicago trade that netted the Bears Justin Fields. Only the Jets have two top 10 picks this year, and they just got their franchise QB in Zach Wilson a few months ago.

Two first-rounders alone wouldn’t get it done, but it’s a necessary start. New York would have to throw in a 2023 first-rounder and some other items (players and/or picks) to make this work.

Jones added that there is no doubt in his mind that the Giants have a plan for nabbing Wilson if and when he leaves.

The only speed bump would be Wilson’s no-trade clause, which last year, Russ’ agent hinted that he would waive it to join the Saints, Jets, Cowboys or Raiders. Of course that list does not include the Giants.