Merry Christmas Giants Fans! Giants Announce They Plan To Bring Back Joe Judge & Daniel Jones

With the Browns competing for the playoffs every year these days, the Jaguars loading up on No. overall picks, and the Lions showing some sort of competency late in seasons, you could argue the Giants are the new ‘Cleveland Browns’ of the NFL.

In fact, statistics show it.

With a 17-46 record and -376 point differential, the worst team in all of football over the last 4 years is in fact the Giants.

Despite such a horrid recent years the Giants front office is deciding to bring back everyone in charge of creating the worst team in football, and that includes head coach Joe Judge and QB Daniel Jones.

The only potential change Giants fans may be happy about? There is growing indications that GM David Gettleman will step down after this season.

Fingers crossed for you up in new York.