Colin Kaepernick Gets Heckled, Called A Bum By Fans On Way Out Of Madison Square Garden

Colin Kaepernick is back in the news as part of the Brian Flores lawsuit against the NFL alleging racial discrimination during the NFL hiring process.

Brian Flores along with other African American coaches have come forward and called out teams for using the Rooney Rule, a mandate designed to provide opportunity for minority candidates, as a means to check the box of being forced to interviewing a minority, and nothing more.

Kaepernick, who has been adamant about this very behavior among other things of course, hasn’t played a snap in the league since he was blackballed out of the league following the 2015 season and his National Anthem demonstrations.

The former 49ers QB was in New York Wednesday night to catch the Knicks game, and on his way out to his car after the final horn, was heckled by fans, one calling him a “bum”.


Looks like it will take much more than the Flores situation to turn over some fans.