REPORT: Cleveland Browns Could Void Deshaun Watson’s Fully Guaranteed Contract Over 24th Civil Lawsuit

A 24th lawsuit was filed against Cleveland Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson making an already terrible situation even worse.

Following the lawsuit that was filed, Watson’s Rusty Hardin issued a statement on Monday that indicated his team had never heard the name of the 24th accuser until a civil lawsuit was filed

“Our legal team has not had time to investigate this new filing and had not heard her name until today.”

That is seemingly a big problem for Watson going forward as Mike Florio of Pro Football talk argues that the Browns could possibly void all of his guarantees in his contract.


“The fact that Deshaun Watson was sued on Monday by a person whose name wasn’t previously known to his legal team could create multiple problems for Watson — including a possible (key word, possible) void of his many millions in guaranteed money.”

Via the report:

“That’s important for multiple reasons. First, if this person whose name previously wasn’t known to Watson’s legal team now files a criminal complaint, the allegations could be submitted to another grand jury. And the graphic details contained in the 24th complaint, if repeated to a grand jury and accepted by the grand jury, could result in an indictment. (Although I’ve tried to avoid repeating the graphic details, the 24th plaintiff contends that, after trying to get the plaintiff to to touch his penis and asking her “where do you want me to put it?” he ejaculated — and “some of his ejaculate got on Plaintiff’s chest and face.”)

Second, if Watson eventually is suspended for the conduct alleged in the 24th lawsuit, the Browns possibly will be able to void his guarantees and move on from him, and possibly to recover a significant portion of his signing bonus.”

A massage therapist in the latest suit filed in Texas said Watson got an erection in one of their sessions in 2020 and accused the NFL star of encouraging her to touch his penis, according to online court records.

Watson then paid the therapist and didn’t apologize, the lawsuit said. She would “quit massage therapy” after the incident with the quarterback, according to the suit.

Watson faced his 23rd lawsuit last week where the suit claimed Watson exposed himself, touched the woman between her legs and requested that the woman have sex with him.

The Browns acquired Watson in a blockbuster trade from the Houston Texans after one grand jury cleared him of any criminal wrongdoing.