Eagles Ditch Iconic Wordmark Logo In Rebrand That Has Philly Fans Up In Arms

Eagles fans will boo just about anything, but this time they may have a point.

In an age where the Chargers released a rebrand that was met with such animosity that they were essentially pier-pressured into reverting back to their old logo days later, the Philadelphia Eagles quietly rebranded one of more iconic wordmarks in the NFL that has been around since 1996. Credit to the designer, the old mark still looks relatively modern, but the team felt like it was time for a change.

Released earlier this week, the new wordmark featured a simple, single-color, italicized san serif design and is inarguably more adept to branding usability within today’s requirements. With that said, it still falls flat and looks rather disjointed when paired with the Eagles icon mark, the classic Eagle head.

Fans in Philly didn’t take to the design as much as the team would have hoped…