Fred Warner & Brandon Aiyuk ‘Squared Up’ And Caused A Massive Brawl At 49ers Training Camp

Fred Warner and Brandon Aiyuk forgot that they were teammates on Tuesday.

The linebacker and receiver got into an altercation leading them to “square up” to handle their issues. Their fight led to a massive brawl and pile-up as the head coach was forced to stop practice to calm things down.

Training camps are a common occurrence but never a good idea.

The 49ers are coming off a 10-7 season in 2021 that saw them defeat the Dallas Cowboys in the Wild Card, the Packers in the Divisional round, and come within a field goal of beating the Rams to advance to the Super Bowl.


The team made the expected decision to move on from Jimmy G and go into 2022 with Trey Lance as their QB.