Forbes Lists The Dallas Cowboys As The Most Valuable Sports Franchise In All Of Sports

The Dallas Cowboys are seated on the throne of the most valuable franchise in the NFL.

Forbes released its annual list of NFL team values, and the Cowboys are sitting at the top for the 14th consecutive year with a value of $8 billion, which also makes them the most valuable franchise in all of sports. Yes, all of sports.

According to Forbes, NFL teams are worth an average of $4.47 billion, which is a 28 percent increase from a year ago. The rest of the 10 shapes out like this:

2. New England Patriots, $6.4 billion


3. Los Angeles Rams, $6.2 billion

4. New York Giants, $6 billion

5. Chicago Bears, $5.8 billion

6. Washington Commander, $5.6 billion

7. New York Jets, $5.4 billion

8. San Francisco 49ers, $5.2 billion

9. Las Vegas Raiders, $5.1 billion

10. Philadelphia Eagles, $4.9 billion

Forbes also states that the Cowboys are the first team to generate over $1 billion (yes, billion) in revenue, which is “in large part to a bevy of lucrative sponsorships.” During the 2021 season, the team generated over $220 million in stadium advertising and sponsorship revenue, which Forbes stated is more than double of any other team.

Last April, Dallas added a sponsorship from to become the exclusive digital asset partner of the team, making the Cowboys the first NFL team to join the cryptocurrency space. Last September, the Cowboys and Molson Coors announced a 10-year, $200 million partnership extension to remain the team’s sole supplier of alcoholic beverages.

While the Cowboys value continues to grow, the team still hasn’t reached the NFC Championship Game since 1995 but at least Jerry Jones and the Jones family continues to make money.