Colin Cowherd Getting Criticized For His Insensitive Comments About Trey Lance’s Season-Ending Injury

After Sunday’s injury, the Trey Lance era in San Francisco has been put on hold until next season. Speaking on the Colin Cowherd podcast, show host Colin Cowherd claimed that while the injury is unfortunate, the 49ers are now better with Jimmy Garoppolo taking over.

“As a fan, you feel bad for Trey Lance, but your team is better today,” Cowherd said. “The 49ers today with Jimmy Garoppolo, I feel comfortable saying that’s a team that can get to the NFC Championship Game. None of us were saying that when the day started.”

“Garoppolo is better now and Garoppolo fits the team now. The team’s going to win now. Lance is going to continue not playing. It’s not like he’s going to pop back next season and suddenly will have solved his issues. He will be coming off a long stretch of inactivity. So if you’re the Niners now, as a fan, you feel bad for Trey Lance, but your team’s better today.”

Many thought Cowherd was being rather insensitive about the young QB and this devastating injury.


During this Tuesday’s edition of The Herd, Cowherd addressed that narrative and made it even worse by doubling down.

Here’s the full clip:

Here’s how people responded:

It has not been a good week for Trey Lance. First he lost his 2022 season debut to the Chicago Bears last Sunday. Only days later, a concerning video of the second-year NFL quarterback has surfaced on social media.

In his rookie year, he went 1-1 in two starts, throwing for five touchdowns and two interceptions. In his first two games, his team went 1-1. He threw for 194 yards while completing 48.4 percent of his throws, throwing for zero touchdowns and an interception.