Antonio Brown Exposes Himself To A Bunch Of Guests At A Hotel Pool In Dubai

Antonio Brown continues to do things that makes people realize how messed up in the head he is.

The former NFL wide receiver was reportedly caught exposing himself in a disturbing video shared by the New York Post.

Brown was reportedly caught at a hotel in Dubai earlier this year, exposing himself and becoming physical with a female guest in the pool.

“Video footage obtained by The Post of the May 14 incident at the Armani Hotel Dubai shows Brown, 34, way too close for comfort to the woman, who initially laughed off the attention but quickly swam away to escape the controversial gridiron great,” the New York Post reported.


“Eyewitnesses said Brown — whose previous off-the-field antics have gotten him into hot water with the league and the law and who remains an NFL free agent after bizarrely quitting on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the middle of a game last season — had just met the woman and she was fuming after the encounter.”

“Two eyewitnesses told The Post that Brown continued to flaunt his private parts several times after the recording ended, rudely asking the woman: ‘You want it?'” The Post reports.

“The sources said the woman appeared visibly upset and was later spotted inside the hotel yelling and complaining to others about the incident.”

Brown, who hasn’t played in the NFL since storming off the field during a Bucs vs. Jets game at MetLife Stadium in New York.