Herschel Walker’s Son Exposes Dad For Threatening To Kill Family, Sleeping With Different Women

The Walker family has some issues to deal with.

On Monady, Christian Walker, the son of ex-NFL running back and current Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker, took to Twitter to expose his father with some shocking allegations that came to light after a Daily Beast article that stated the former NFL star paid for his girlfriend’s abortion in 2009.

This is significant because Walker has been campaigning about pro-life:

The woman, who The Daily Beast said asked to remain anonymous out of privacy concerns, said that she and Mr. Walker had mutually agreed not to go ahead with the pregnancy. She said Mr. Walker, who was not married at the time, reimbursed her for the cost of the procedure, the outlet reported.


The woman provided a copy of a $700 check from Mr. Walker, a receipt from the abortion clinic and a “get well” card from Mr. Walker, The Daily Beast reported.

Walker, the Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Georgia, called the claim from The Daily Beast “a flat-out lie.”