BREAKING: Houston Texans Part Ways With VP Of Football Relations Jack Easterby

A big shakeup has come to the Houston Texans front office as the team has parted ways with their Vice President of Football Operations, Jack Easterby.

Easterby was someone who was very close with Texans owner Cal McNair and had a large voice in how the Texans roster was made up. His voice at times was more important than the team’s general manger Nick Caserio and head coach Lovie Smith.

The move will lead to chatter about the job security of Casiero and Smith as moves like this tend to signal a full house-cleaning could be coming. The Texans, by way of the Deshaun Watson trade, are loaded with draft capital in 2023 as they look to re-build the team. The only question now is will it be Casiero leading the way or will Cal McNair be looking for a new general manager.