Photo Surfaces Showing Jerry Jones Attempting To Help Keep Black Classmates Segregated In His High School

Now, we don’t at all condone cancel culture, especially when the origin of the reason to be cancelled happened more than 60 years ago, but this isn’t a great look for Jerry Jones.

The Cowboys owner, arguably the more recognizable owner in all of American sports, came under fire a few years ago during player-held demonstrations taking place during the National Anthem, a movement speaheaded by shunned former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick. When it came to the Cowboys and what Jerry would do in light of it happening in AT&T Stadium, Jones noted that Dallas players would have “toes on the line” and wouldn’t not protest or they would not play, and weaseled his way out of having his players kneel by only allowing them to demonstrate before the anthem, and not during.

Well, that off-putting undertone of Jones’ statements could perhaps be traced back to what one Twitter user uncovered recently.

A 1957 photo shows a young Jerry Jones as part of a group of white males attempting to stop black classmates from desegregating North Little Rock High School in Arkansas, where Jones attended.


Of course the fact that 1957 was a completely different time does need to be taken into account. But there’s no way of knowing how black members of the Cowboys staff and team will react to something like this.