Toy Drive Fundraiser Organized By Damar Hamlin Surpasses $1 Million Dollars After Outpouring Of Fan Donations

Donating to a player’s favorite charity after some sort of either unfortunate or fortunate event has become of staple of Bills fans in recent years, and after one of their own went down Monday night, the outpouring of one of the best forms of support that they know began.

Damar Hamlin suffered an injury after a first quarter tackle on MNF against the Bengals that left him passed out on the turf requiring CPR before being rushed to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center for treatment.

No more than an hour later, fans uncovered a GoFundMe fundraiser organized by Hamlin titled ‘The Chasing M’s Foundation Community Toy Drive’. Originally set with a goal of just $2,500, the total has now surpassed $1 million and counting.

The page of his fundraiser page can be found HERE.