Andy Dalton, Whose Charity Was Once Donated To By Bills Fans, Seen Donating To Damar Hamlin’s Fundraiser

It wasn’t too long ago that the Buffalo Bills were the laughing stock of the NFL and has a disastrous 17-year run of no playoff appearance, which was finally snapped thanks to Andy Dalton, QB of the Bengals at the time who beat the Ravens in a Week 17 game to send the Bills to the 2017 playoffs.

Dalton quickly became a hero in Buffalo, and Bills fans hilariously thanks him by donating hundreds of thousands of dollars to the QB’s charity, sparking one of the best traditions in all of sports.

Five years later, and on Monday night, Damar Hamlin of the Bills suffered one of the scariest inquires to ever happen on a football field with the 24-year-old safety going into cardiac arrest, narrowly escaping death after a tackle against Dalton’s former team.

Fans soon after uncovered a GoFundMe that Hamlin started in high school as part of a toy drive, and the money came pouring in. Despite a goal on only $2,500, the fund has reached nearly $5 million in donations as of Tuesday afternoon.


One of those donors? None other than Andy Dalton, paying some of the love Bills Mafia sent him back.

Other notable donors from the NFL brotherhood included Tom Brady, Robert Kraft, Matt Stafford, Russell Wilson, Davante Adams, the Washington Commanders, Shannon Sharpe and plenty more.