DK Metcalf Calls Antonio Brown The Greatest WR Ever While Revealing His Top-5 WRs Of All-Time

If you ask a lot of people who the greatest wide receiver of all-time is, the majority of people will probably say Jerry Rice.

But not DK Metcalf. In-fact, he doesn’t have Jerry Rice in his top-3.

During an appearance on “All Things Covered” podcast, the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver was asked to name his top five wide receivers of all-time and No. 1 on his list was.. Antonio Brown.

AB was followed by Randy Moss, Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice and Julio Jones.


Now, people debate who the greatest wide receiver ever is and it’s typically between Jerry Rice and Randy Moss but Antonio Brown at No. 1?!?!?

Now, Brown has had a stellar NFL career and one could argue that he should be in the Hall of Fame despite all the off the field drama.

During those six seasons, Brown caught 686 passes for 9.145 receiving yards and 67 touchdowns. That’s an average receiving line of 114-1,524-11 per year.Brown also made the Pro Bowl all six of those campaigns and garnered first-team All-Pro honors four times.

But No. 1 all-time? C’mon D.K.