Stephen A. Smith Rips Shedeur Sanders After Colorado Choked vs Stanford: “Y’all Getting Your A– Kicked”

Colorado was embarrassed last week after they blew a 29-0 lead against a Stanford team that they were favored by nearly two touchdowns against.

They choked the game away and lost 46-43 in overtime.

What makes matters worse is Buffaloes quarterback Shedeur Sanders was on social media at half-time of the game promoting his merchandise.

On Monday’s episode of First Take, Stephen A Smith called out Shedeur Sanders and the Buffaloes for allowing the shine to get to their head.


“Here’s the problem,” said Smith on First Take. “The players got caught up in the shine their coach generated, and I’m calling out his son Shedeur Sanders who I love and think has star written all over him. But whether it was you or by accident it was somebody on your social media team, you cannot have something being posted at halftime of a damn game.”

“It is no longer a laughing matter,” said Smith. “Y’all are getting your ass kicked.”

Here’s the clip:

Colorado is in real jeopardy of missing a bowl game after the loss to Stanford. Of their remaining five games, four are against teams that are ranked or right on the cusp of getting into the Top 25 (Washington State).

The Buffaloes will have a week off before facing the the 25th ranked UCLA Bruins on Oct. 28th.