Trevor Lawrence Making Painfully Long Walk To Locker Room Without Cart Has Jags Fans Irate

It was a brutal night for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Not only did they lose to the the Bengals without Joe Burrow but their franchise quarterback Trevor Lawrence suffered an ankle injury after he was stepped on by offensive lineman Walker Little and was bent backwards.

Lawrence attempted to stand up and walk to the sideline but was unable to and fell back to the ground, which lead a lot to believe that the injury is more severe. The quarterback also couldn’t put weight on his right foot and had to exit the locker room. He then had to make the long walk to the locker room which had lot of people wondering why the Jaguars didn’t bring a cart out to drive him back to the locker room for an X-ray exam.

I really hope the Jaguars have a medical cart but Trevor Lawrence refused to ride a cart to the locker room because having your franchise quarterback make that long walk on an injured ankle is a really bad look.