NFL Photo Manipulation Designs By Alay Patel

Recently graphic designers have made great designs of NFL uniforms, logos and helmets that are redesigned as various things such as Star Wars characters or corporate companies, even some as Heavy Metal rock bands but never have we seen something like this before.
Graphic Designer and NFL fan Alay Patel put together a series of photo manipulations and illusions, He took various NFL super stars and created an illusion by having a picture of themselves on their  jersey usually where their jersey numbers would be.
I know it might sound cheesy but after you see these designs, you would wonder how this would look if the NFL actually made jersey’s like this and had the players wear them on Sundays.
[imagebrowser id=95]
Would you buy your favorite player’s jersey if it looked like this? Let us know with a comment below!
You can see the rest of Patel’s awesome work on his Square Space.