Are Woj and Chris Broussard subtweeting each other?


Are Woj and Broussard covertly going at it on Twitter?

So it starts with yesterday when Broussard tweeting his usual moose crap:


The above suggest that perhaps Broussard is talking with someone (duh) but whom? The gardner? The little old lady down the street? The voices in his head that just won’t leave him alone? It would seem to be LeBron’s agent, Rich Paul. Story is that Paul is perhaps spreading around the notion that LeBron wants to leave in order to secure spots for clients and perhaps apply pressure to Pat Riley and the Heat. Using Broussard to push this agenda works nicely for Paul and Broussard. Sources say there may even be a financial incentive.

Here is where things get interesting. Enter WOJ!

Forget the games brah, Woj doesnt play that S^#&. He is basically saying the Heat know its all BS and that you shouldnt believe the agent or anyone playing the part of the agent’s mouthpiece (Broussard). Only LeBron knows what Lebron is doing, don’t believe the hype. Everything in this tweet is a direct counter to everything Broussard said without saying his name.

Then we essentially get a reply to this tweet from Broussard:

Here he is in typical backpedal mode in what honestly seems like a direct reply to Woj. He starts with his condesending “anyone who knows LeBron” bull to make an empty statement. Its compeltely defensive and sure seems its because of the blowback from someone in the know like Woj.

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