Giants Fan Burns Eli Manning Jersey

When we think about fans burning player jersey’s, we think about Cavaliers fans burning LeBron James jersey’s when he decided to leave for Miami, we think about Patriots fans burning Aaron Hernandez jersey’s because he was arrested for murder and we think about the recent Ray Rice situation that caused a lot of Ravens fans to burn their 27 jersey’s.

But Eli Manning?  The quarterback who helped bring two Super Bowls to the city of New York in the 4 years.  Really?  Eli is coming off the worst professional season of his career, throwing a league-high 27 interceptions, the Giants finished 7-9 after starting 0-6.  This year the Giants started off their season looking the same as they did last year, a 35-14 loss to the Detroit Lions on Monday Night Football.

After last night’s debacle in New York, A loyal yet very idiotic Giants fan took his $100 Eli Manning jersey and burned it because well you know it’s always the quarterbacks fault when the team does go bad regardless how terrible his offensive line is.  During the video, the fan urges other Giants fans to join the “movement” and burn theirs.

One can only imagine what this Giants fans would have done if Eli had left like LeBron did without delivering two Super Bowls.

Stay classy, New York.