College Student & Basketball Virgin Hits Layup, FT, 3-Pointer, and Half Court Shot (VIDEO)

We always see them, but it never happens. The probability of all one of two shots going in is reasonable, but all 4 you don’t see often. Especially from a college student who’d never play basketball before, oh and has a broken finger.

The student’s name was Gustavo Angel Tamayo, who literally never played basketball in his life before he was in the arena when Tennessee’s Bryan College tipped off their college season Monday night with their annual rally, “The Late Night Roar.” But Tamayo made history by winning an extremely challenging shooting contest and the $10,000 tuition prize.

Bryan College’s contest is difficult. Participants have to hit a layup, free throw, three-pointer and half-court shot in 30 seconds. Oh, and they have to get their own rebounds. By way of BroBible, comes the story of Tamayo’s incredible night. We’ll let explain the senior’s backstory and why Monday night was even more unreal:

The senior gained asylum in England at the age of 6 and grew up there before moving to the U.S. for school. Soccer has always been his favorite sport and he hopes to continue playing professionally after his tenure as the college’s center midfielder is over. But inexperience on the hardwood didn’t deter Tamayo, nor did the broken finger on his left hand from a soccer injury. The student stepped up and delivered this incredible performance.

Tamayo almost seems to miss half of his shots, but through destiny somehow found the bottom of the hoop. All that’s left after sinking a layup and free throw in a single attempt is the simple half-court shot with the clock ticking down…

(Video via Taylor Hasty, Dime Magazine)