Tom Brady Shared a Broment With Rob Gronkowski and Julian Edelman Last Sunday

Julian Edelman took home AFC Special Teams Player of the Week honors for his amazing performance against the Denver Broncos last Sunday in Foxboro.

The New England Patriots wide out and kick returner took it the Broncos, catching a touchdown pass and returning an 84-yard punt return for a touchdown, which led to Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady to run out from the sidelines and across the field to the back end zone to congratulate Edelman for his return. But the excitement didn’t end there as Edelman and Brady shared a moment on the sideline after the score.

Edelman asked Tom Brady: “Were you in the end zone on that punt return?” — “Yeah” Brady said. “Had to go see my guy.”

Brady, who was miced up for the game also shared a semi-good moment with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, who also had himself a game:

Gronkowski hauled in 9 catches for 105 yards and a touchdown including an amazing one-handed grab that had Brady asking him, “How the f–k did you catch that?”  The Patriots head into the bye week playing great football and with a win over Denver under their belt, home field advantage through out the playoffs would be huge mainly because if they play Denver in the playoffs, the game won’t be in Denver, instead it would be in Foxboro.