Angry Falcons Fan Goes On Epic Rant After Loss To Panthers

The Atlanta Falcons season ended yesterday after an embarrassing 34-3 loss to the Carolina Panthers in the “NFC South Championship  Game” and a lot of fans left the Georgia Dome upset, angry, confused and looking for answers from owner Arthur Blake [who fired Mike Smith today].

There was this one fan, who perhaps was the most distraught out of all, who gave an epic man-on-the-street interview with Atlanta’s Rock 100.5 morning show. The fan went on an epic and hysterical rant about who needs to get the boot from the Falcons and the amazing sites of “Hotlanta”.

The Falcons fan gave a special message to owner Arthur Blanke and reminded him that Atlanta is home of the best strip clubs, not the laughing stock of the NFL: 

Look at me, Arthur. Look at me, man to man. Eye to eye, man. Listen to me. This is A-town, baby. Home of Freaknik, home of strip clubs. All that, man. … If you don’t get g—–n rid of Mike Smith—and you gotta do something with…Matt Ryan, man—but first, start with…Mike Smith. You got to get him out of here, man. That man done had five chances.

The fan went as far as to say he wouldn’t be afraid to call the mob on the Dirty Birds:

“If you don’t get it together, man, I’m going to call that mob on you, I know a mob.”

The fan has spoken, Arthur. Now it’s your time to fix the Atlanta Falcons so people don’t just visit Hotlanta for the strip clubs.