Skip Bayless Says Johnny Manziel Is An Alcoholic & A Liar

You don’t have to be an avid First Take fan to know that the Skip Bayless has been on record to think Johnny Manziel is the greatest thing since slice bread but on today’s show, there was an ultimate plot twist. Bayless went in on Manziel and even went as far as calling the former Heisman Trophy winner an alcoholic and a liar. 
This is all stemming from reports that Johnny Manziel was late to treatment last Saturday and because of that, Manziel was fined by the Cleveland Browns. Rumors then surfaced that Manziel had thrown a party last Friday night and that was the cause of him being late. The report also includes rookie CB Justin Gilbert and WR Josh Gordon, who was suspended by the team and missed the Week 17 game against the Baltimore Ravens. 
Skip Bayless claims that he has spoken with many people “in and around the Cleveland Browns” organization and is convinced Manziel has some serious drinking problems. Skip then went on and said “I believe that even [Johnny’s] parents are fed up at this point and they believe he needs to get some help.”  Skip says his sources have told him Manziel has been lying to team executives, coaches and teammates — and they’re sick of it. 
If any of these reports from Skip Bayless are true, expect Johnny Manziel’s future with not just the Cleveland Browns but the entire NFL to be in doubt. The Cleveland Browns season is over but the Manziel-saga has just begun.