Dez Bryant Is Not Pleased With His Speed Rating on ‘Madden 16’

Dez Bryant

EA Sports released ratings for the game’s top five wide receivers on Thursday and Dallas Cowboys all-pro receiver, who was the second highest rated wide-out came in at No. 2 overall only behind Pittsburgh Steelers wide out Antonio Brown was not happy about his ratings. 

#88 was listed at a 98 catching, 98 jumping and 98 “spectacular catch” , which are pretty deserving numbers but one of the games best receivers. But there was something Dez wasn’t thrilled about and he left EA Sports know about it. His speed, which EA gave him only an 89 rating. 

Dez was also not thrilled with the rating Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles got:


Dez Bryant became a rich man earlier this month so we’ll see if he’ll be buying Madden when it hits the stores on August 25th