Russell Wilson Drops 7 Million On Beautiful Waterfront Mansion Overlooking Seattle

Russel Wilson went from a relative nobody to a damn important somebody real quick…

The late draft pick of the Seattle Seahawks has turned out to be one of the most solid, consistent, and winning QB’s in the NFL. Visiting two Super Bowls and winning one of those in his first 3 years is un heard of. Granted he has the best defense in the NFL along with marbly the best RB in the league on his side, but he complements them better than arguably any other quarterback in the league.

Russell signed a new contract with the Hawks this summer, a whopping four-year, $87.6 million contract extension including a $31 million signing bonus, and $60 million guaranteed. Divorcing his ex-wife and now dating Ciara too? This man is living the life.

The newest addition to that life is this beautiful $6.7 million mansion with views of Seattle in the distance. The house is outfitted with dark wood and marble, giving it a cozy, woodsy, yet elegant feel with beautiful views of the city and the surrounding woods. The backyard leads right to the water, with a lovely patio facing the water to go with a private dock and boat. Wilson can also count Bill Gates among his new neighbors. That’s when you really know you’ve made it.

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