Marshawn Lynch Tells Reporters to ‘Stop Bugging’ Him in New Pest Control Ad

Marshawn Lynch and Stop Bugging Me Pest Control are a match made in heaven.

The Seattle Seahawks running back’s relationship with the media is, well, nonexistent. But lately, Beast Mode has made a few commercials (here and here) that have poked fun at his interview sessions.

If there were one thing Lynch would say to reporters who put a microphone in front of his face, it would probably be, “Stop bugging me.”


Enter Stop Bugging Me Pest Control.

Lynch teamed up with the Seattle service to make another commercial that mocked his anti-media style. Say what you want about his unwillingness to answer reporters’ uninspired questions, but there’s no denying this partnership is perfect.

(Stop Bugging Me Pest Services, Bleacher Report)