Ref Flags High School Players Before Game Even Starts

A raw, unedited clip of the coin toss from the Flanagan versus Miramar high schoolgame on Friday captured as the two teams were flagged before the game even started.
Trash talk started early in the week as both teams took to Twitter to tweet about their dislike for each other.
At the coin toss the drama continued as both sets of captains refused to shake each other hands. The referee did not like these actions and penalized Miramar, the home team, for refusing to shake hands.

How do you think the referee handled this situation? Do you agree with his actions? Should Miramar have been the only team penalized?

What about the players? Are they out of line for not participating in the traditional pre-game hand shake? Let us know at the bottom of the page in the comment box!

(CBS Miami)