An NFL Emoji Keyboard Is Now Here, And It’s Awesome

emoji keyboard

It’s only a matter of time before these little graphic icons we call ’emojis’ take over using words to communicate via texting completely.

From a salsa dancing woman to 12 different versions of a train, there may be an emoji for just about everything. Apple recently announced that with the current iPhone software update, there will be more emoji’s available, including a middle finger and a taco, because admit it, you always wanted to send a taco without writing out four letters…but now, now we have what we all really want. NFL football.

Sportsmanias!, a unique sporting news & updates site with one of the top sporting information apps in the app store according to Forbes, created this amazing emoji keyboard. The full set consists of the NFL’s biggest stars with a little semi-humourous touch whether it be a reference to their nickname or an attribute reflecting their personality.


The keyboard contains 36 emojis and can be downloaded to your mobile device via this link: (Keyboard is only on iOS right now – Google Play coming soon)

Download the keyboard HERE:

Here are the NFL emojis individually:

watt megatron manziel lynch rodgers TD winston peyton dez chip AB gronk bellichik OBJ luck cam revis tom_terrific sherman goodel fat_andy brown_bag_fan desean mariota rex cutler dalton julio flacco brees dan_campbell raider_fan rivers AP honey_badger kaepernick gurley poz

Which emoji is your favorite? Let us know in the comment box at the bottom of the page!