49ers Fans Put Colin Kaepernick Up For Sale On Amazon

Colin Kaepernick has gone from Super Bowl quarterback to the headman of one of the worst teams of the league, with him being a big part of it. The QB who who into stardom when Alex Smith went down as a 49er is now struggling to complete simple passes to his receivers, in fact even missing a completely left open Torrey Smith and un-knownlingly handling the ball off instead during Sunday’s loss to the Rams.

Many fans want Kaepernick out as QB of their team, so much so, one San Fran fan actually put their QB up for sale on Amazon.com.

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Kaepernick is listed for a reasonable price of 114,000,000 (his contract) and is complete with a  few hilarious details for a description. That includes

Has a fun last name that feels like it’s way more than 3 syllables

Was really exciting a few years ago

Doubles as a douche

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 1.19.41 PM

Well played 49ers fans, well played.

Edit: We have just learned this is a fake listing created by Mandatory.

Still extremely hilarious!