Seahawks Fans Create Petition To Ban Joe Buck & Troy Aikman From Commentating Games


Joe Buck isn’t America’s favorite sports commentator. In fact, he may be the least favorite. When you combine that voice which seems to just get louder in the same tone when he gets excited with the wonderful Troy Aikman who lets just say was much better on the gridiron than in the booth, you’re left with the world’s most hated broadcast.

If you’re good at picking up bias, you know that Joe Buck loves Green Bay.¬†Fox’s top play-by-play football announcer enjoys coming to Wisconsin, even when the weather is less than hospitable. The guy basically has a man crush on Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. If you’re a football fan, you know that Seattle in not very fond of Green Bay, especially after that whole Interceptiontouchdown fiasco caused by the lovely replacement refs of last season. Buck and Aikman have also been accused of making anti-Seahawks comments in the past.

Seattle fans on Buck and Aikman: They are “disrespectful,” “negative,” “biased,” and provide “skewed commentary.” One of them is even a Hall of Famer quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. How can these “clowns” be allowed to broadcast?

They are so infuriated by the FOX duo, the 12th Man actively is trying to ban FOX Sports’ top play-by-play team from ever calling another Seahawks game.

One fan started a Care2 Petition page which grew to more than 17,000 fairly quickly with social media exposes reaching far beyond those numbers. The petition is gaining support with the rate 1 signature a minute.

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The petition’s description reads:

“The Seattle Seahawks 12th man are growing increasingly tired of the negative remarks that are consistently made against our team by Fox Sports commentators Troy Aikman & Joe Buck. As nationally televised games, we understand that the commentators need to be sensitive to both the fans of the home and away team. However, Aikman & Buck’s comments heavily favor any and all of the Seahawks opponents. Their comments are incredibly critical and degrading. Not only do we respectfully request, the 12th Man DEMANDS that these two commentators be banned from calling any future Seahawks games.”

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You can see the petition in full and sign it yourself HERE.

Remember, any petition no matter what the cause will be granted a response from the White House if it gains 100,000 signatures within the first 30 days after its origination!