Von Miller Knees Opponent In Throat, Pushes Down On Neck With Whole Bodyweight

Two Broncos defenders should be expecting some heavy fines this coming week from the NFL league office.

During the final minute of the 4th quarter of the Colts, Broncos game in Indy, Denver LB Von Miller was caught on camera jabbing his knee into the neck/throat area of a downed opponent, and then seemingly not only putting his entire body weight on it, but forcefully showing his knee onto the spot.

It appears as the Colt’s player may have initiated some bump that threw Von Miller from getting up, but in no means does that draw this type of reaction. You can even see a Broncos teammate come over and attempt to quickly pull Miller off of the Colts player.


This came in the same stretch where we say Broncos DB Aqib Talib deliberately poke, borderline gauge a Colts player in the eye very forcefully, which drew an unnecessary roughness penalty, putting the Colts in prime position to steal the game from the undefeated Broncos.