Redskins Get ROBBED On Unnecessary Roughness Penalty, TD Called Back

This is the NFL we live in folks. This display of travesty on behalf of the officials.

During the 2nd quarter of the Redskins vs Panthers in Charlotte, the Redskins had 6 points taken off the board when they had this would-be Chris Culliver pick-6 called back via a ridiculous unnecessary roughness penalty.

We assume the penalty was called because Culliver hit Greg Olsen high (in the shoulder legally we may add) before this defenseless receiver, (wearing a helmet, pads and voluntarily being out there) didn’t have enough time to come down to the ground before he was hit. If there was any helmet to helmet contact, it was initiated by Olsen lowering his helmet while ducking. We may also note that Olsen didn’t even fall down on what as ruled “unnecessarily rough.”

The ball was jarred loose and taken back to the house for what should have counted as a spectacular defensive play by the Redskins.

Carolina currently leads 27-14 on a day where Washington cannot get one call go their way from the officials. They Redskins may be getting robbed more than when Columbus came.

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  1. It’s amazing how much better a referee can be if he is sitting in his underwear in his living room watching an zoomed-in replay in slow motion. They should allow replays on every play from scrimmage but decide things be a vote of the fans. I love the idea of 8-hour games.

  2. These kinds of mickey mouse rules invite poor officiating. The coaches should be able to challenge ANY call. With the same limits as now (losing a timeout for a bad outcome) this would not increase the length of the games and leave little room for abuse.