Blair Walsh Pours Morning Coffee, Still Struggling With Easy Everyday Tasks

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – According to Vikings beat writer Anderson Taub, kicker Blair Walsh has been visiting the doctor ever since he shanked the would be game-winning field goal that took the Vikings out of the playoffs after having a win in hand versus the Seahawks in the wildcard round about 2 weeks ago.

He noted he was being diagnosed and treated for PTKS, or commonly known as Post Traumatic Kicking Syndrome, a disease that is only found in about 0.001% of the United States population and readily occurs after missed kicks in important situation. Other notable players to be diagnosed with the condition included Billy Cundiff and the Michigan punter.

Taub says that Walsh has been struggling and failing miserably with seemingly easy everyday tasks, including pulling his car in the driveway, pissing into the toilet bowl from especially 27 yards out, walking through doorways, and most recently pouring coffee, which Blair’s wife tweeted a picture of Thursday morning.