Von Miller Has A Fart Problem So Bad, The Broncos Fine Him Every Time He Rips One


Sadly, this is no April Fools joke, but the Von Miller leads his team in more than just sacks…

The Denver Broncos Super Bowl MVP linebacker reportedly has a little issue with over-flatutation. We all have a person of two in our lives that lets the occasional one rip, but Miller farts so much, the Broncos have had to start fining him per each one.

The team has dubbed it the “fart tax” and is mostly enforcing during team meetings.

Many may be aware Miller is a contestant on this season’s Dancing With The Stars, and it appears the filtration doesn’t just stop in the locker room.

His partner, Witney Carson, says Miller just won’t stop farting, so much so that she’s had to place a tax of her own, fining Miller $100 every times one slips out.

“I’m gonna be so rich by the end of this,” she joking noted.