J.J. Watt Hints He May Be The Next NFL Star To Retire Early

jj-watt-010915-usnews-getty-ftr_1eryx3odvo64t1np148bplrpu6HOUSTON, TX – JJ Watt is not only one of the best defensive players our generation has ever witness, but one of the toughest.

The defensive player of the year played with played last season out battling with a broken left hand, an injured groin, and to top it all off, a herniated disk.

But that toughness doesn’t seem to have gotten in the way of the decision Watt made on when he wants to hang it all up.

Wednesday morning on Houston’s 610 Sports Radio, Watt noted he won’t try to play as long as he can in the NFL, but rather when he’s no longer one of the best players in the NFL (NFL Network’s James Palmer).

This news comes after a slew of NFL stars have retired, some early in the wake of new concussion findings and a seemingly new approach to thinking about post-career quality of life.

One name that comes to mind? Calvin Johnson. Like Megatron, Watt may still be capable of playing at an extremely high level, one of the best at his respective position, but that doesn’t outweigh the possible detriments of extending his career. Like Johnson also, Watt has been battling injuries throughout his NFL career, which only seem to prolong as one gets older in the NFL.

The way Watt phrased it, it seems as if on of the NFL’s brightest stars may be fading out sometime in the next few years.