Steelers LB Vince Williams On Shot Gorilla: ‘He Was From Cincy, I Didn’t Drop One Tear’

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PITTSBURGH, PA – Every NFL fan was fixated on their televisions last November when the Steelers and Bengals gave us one of the most intense, exciting playoff games we’ve ever seen. The defensive struggle highlighted by hard hits, some of which were illegal, trash talking, beer being thrown at injured players, and even coaches running onto the field throwing punches resulted in a Steelers victory, although most fans remember the game instead of the winner.

Pittsburgh linebacker Vince Williams was right in the middle of the action that night in Cincinnati. Bengals’ Vontaze Burfict notably knocked Le’Veon Bell out of the game and eventually ended his season, and Williams took to Twitter to call Burfict out, saying, “I catch Vontaze on south beach im painting that boi on sight.”

Probably the second most controversial event in Cincinnati in the last seven months was the shooting and killing of Cincinnati Zoo resident Harambe, a 400lb endangered silverback gorilla. Many are aware of the beast being shot by the zoo after a child somehow got inside the enclosure.


And of course what did Vince Williams have to say about the tragedy?

““The Gorilla was from Cincinnati. I didn’t drop one tear. He [is] in a better place now.”


Williams has since deleted the tweet.