RGIII Says Putting On Browns Uniform “More Painful” Than Any Injury He’s Ever Suffered


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New Browns QB Robert Griffin III thinks to himself “What the hell have I done” before taking the field for his first preseason game vs the Packers on August 12, 2016.

GREEN BAY, WI – After an entire season without taking a snap, Robert Griffin will take the field tonight in efforts to revive his career that looked so promising during his rookie season.

After lighting the NFL on fire his first year with the Redskins, RGIII sustained numerous injuries that crippled the most effective part of his game – mobility.

Before his first game as a Brown, the team’s preseason opener versus the Packers in Green Bay, Griffin was interviewed by ESPN’s Thisis Satire, where he was notably asked to touch on the toughest thing the QB has had to endure during his NFL career thus far.


Looking for an answer somewhere in the range of the devastating knee injuries Griffin suffered in Washington, Satire was dismayed when the QB said, “It has to be throwing this jersey over my head. They say for every cigarette you smoke you lose about an hour off your life, well it’s kind of the same thing here. Every time I put this jersey on it takes a game off your career, if you have one left by now. Putting on the Browns uniform was more painful that any injury I’ve ever endured in the NFL.”

Satire cut off the interview with his interviewee beginning to tear up. The QB got up to temporarily leave the interview to grab a tissue and tragically tore his ACL getting up from the chair.

After being evaluated by team doctors, Griffin is expected to miss anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Griffin told reporters after the incident that he’s “relieved.”

(h/t Faux NFL Network)