Fraternity Gets Slammed For Hanging Colin Kaepernick Sign Outside House

A Louisiana State University fraternity is under fire after displaying a dubbed inappropriate Colin Kaepernick sign outside their frat house.

LSU’s Delta Kappa Epsilon, or DKE for short made the sign in light of the protests brought about by the 49ers QB to which he’s been sitting for the National Anthem.

Apparently, The Coalition of LSU Student Organizations Committed to Community has written a letter to LSU’s Dean of Students, calling for DKE to be punished for creating and hanging the sign.

The letter reads as follows:

This is not the first time this fraternity has posted inflammatory banners. DKE has repeatedly displayed language and imagery on campus that many in the LSU community consider highly offensive, racist, misogynistic, and homophobic.

While we acknowledge their first amendment right to free speech even when that speech expresses unpopular ideas, we believe it’s highly important to formally state that such behavior fosters a hostile campus environment for a large number of students.

A lot of young people are doing great things in this country, but there are some who simply make me weep for the future of the United States.

(h/t Elite Daily)